​Spit 'N' Roast - Hog Roast Packages 2020/2021

The Half Hog Package - to serve x30 to x40 guests
A delightful package for smaller groups, allowing us to slow roast an enormous 25kg side of Pork to perfection.

For a smaller gathering this package is ideal, packed with flavour and won’t disappoint!
The Original Hog Roast Package - to serve up to x60 guests

This entry level Hog Roast Package packs the same punch and all of the theatre of something a little larger!
The Bronze Hog Package - to serve up to x80 guests
Getting bigger… more guests can only mean more meat!
The Silver Hog Package - to serve up to x100 guests
Bigger still… The most popular of our Hog Roast packages!
The Gold Hog Package - to serve up to x150 guests
The largest of our single machine packages - we’ll have everybody fed in no time!
The Diamond Hog Package - to serve up to x200 guests
This party is going to call for an additional machine and more staff!
The Platinum Hog Package - to serve up to x250 guests
A meal fit for a king, not only will we be spinning two pigs but you will also enjoy a meat feast, fresh from the BBQ.
Comprising of Butchers Sausages, Prime Beef Burgers and Marinated Chicken fillets nobody goes hungry today!

All of our Hog Roasts are seasoned and salted

for crunchy crackling and are accompanied by:

Bakery Fresh Baps

Apple Sauce

Sage & Onion Stuffing

Served from

High Quality Compostable Plates alongside Compostable Cutlery & Napkins

and all of your regular condiments


hog roast pACKAGES


So what exactly do I get?
Simply choose from one of our delicious Hog Roast Packages - not forgetting to cater for your veggie/vegan's and then decide whether you want to add salads, sides and some scrummy desserts.

Anything else I need to know?

Not really... Your pig is cooked onsite in one of our top of the range LPG Hog Roast ovens, normally for around 1hr per 10kilos - so with this in mind, we need to get to you much earlier than the serving time at your event. 

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